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May 25, 2022

How Mailchimp made a boring business, fun.

  • From its inception, Mailchimp utilized copy to position as a fun brand. From its use of Freddy the Chimp to its conversational tone (”simple copy n’ paste”, “Cheap. Very cheap”) they injected personality into a part of the business that was confusing and a chore for most entrepreneurs.
  • The insurance industry uses the same strategy. Flo, Aflac duck, Geico Gecko are all examples of boring businesses trying to be remembered.
  • Mailchimp does it better because they’ve made their product indispensable to business owners.
  • Mailchimp is part of any entrepreneur’s “starter stack”, taking a place alongside G-suite, Stripe, and Slack.
  • Standing out in a boring industry is a sure fire way to create brand love and be top-of-mind.